Precision Farming

Made possible by: Maintenance Free, Solar Powered, Wireless IoT devices and Cloud based software.


Our devices are solar powered and can last 10+ years without requiring battery replacement.


The devices have a range of 1.5km and communicate wirelessly with a central gateway.


Our platform collects data from the various sensors and provides real-time information online.


We will plan, install and support your implementation by providing insights and expert advice.

Evaluation Kit

Includes 2 X solar tags, 2 x sensors (temp/humidity), 1 x wireless gateway, accessories, 3 months license to cloud server and support. Can be rapidly deployed for testing in agricultural, surveillance, environmental monitoring.

Solar Tags

Additional solar tags and gateways can be added to your system. Tags can be connected to a sensor and have a transmission radius of 1.5km and each gateway can manage up to 100 solar tags. 10 year maintenance free.


A variety of sensors are available including temperature, soil moisture, humidity, nitrate & potassium level, rainfall and more. Each tag can accommodate a single sensor.

platform & Support

As you extend your system, the additional licenses will cover access to the cloud platform and support. We provide analysis and insights from the data collected and make recommendations for optimal conditions

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