Digital Agri is a start-up focused on the provision of 
Precision Agriculture Solutions

Precision Agriculture

The method of optimising inputs to enhance yield and quality of crop output.  It also applies to targeted use of pesticides to minimise impact on the environment.

Digital Agri provides hardware, software and insights to farmers to help them maximise yield, whilst optimising input and resource usage.


Farms cover large areas of land and there will be variations in characteristics in different areas such as soil quality, temperature, soil moisture and weather elements.  Input or treatments are typically applied to the entire field. 

By better planning of planting, fertilising, pest control and harvesting – inputs are used more efficiently in a target manner, resulting in a significant improvement in yield and quality whilst reducing costs and hence increasing profit.


For a 100 ha field, with standard farming methods, the average yield may be 100 tonnes per ha. With remote sensing, we find that certain parts of this area produce 50 tonnes per ha and other parts 150 tonnes per ha.  

By targeting these specific areas with required inputs or pesticides to match the high yield areas, the yield can be improved to closer to an average of 150 tonnes per ha for the entire field.   



Measure the variability in conditions in different areas of fields - via wireless, solar powered sensors and gateway


Real-time monitoring of conditions in each area of a field or farm - facilitated via our cloud platform


Data collected is analysed to understand the reasons behind the variability - provision of insights


With this information, you as a farmer are more informed and can plan for best results. You’ll be able to make better decisions on:

  • What to plant, when and where
  • Where to add more of a specific mineral or pesticide
  • What areas require additional irrigation


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